About Onkka Bags

Al Onkka Bags

I’m just one guy sewing bags in his apartment. You can purchase my bags through Etsy.

I started sewing Canoe Packs for a summer camp in the Boundary Waters of Northern Minnesota in 2002. Now I make luggage, messenger bags, shoulder bags, canoe packs, and more out of my apartment in Minneapolis, Minnesota.


All of my bags are made to last. I hope you use and enjoy your bag for many years. If there is any problem with the workmanship, I will make it right. I’m happy to do reasonable repairs on any of the bags free of cost. Just ship it to me. If you are outside the US, I will ask you to pay for shipping both ways.

Caring For Your Bag

Your bag should require little care. If it gets dirty you can put it in the washing machine on a gentle cycle and then air dry. Sometimes thread ends can work their way loose. This is not a problem. The thread is synthetic. You can “fix” loose or frayed thread ends by touching it to a lighter or match. This will melt the end and keep it from unraveling.

Purchase Policies

Please see my Etsy Shop Policies Page for the details about purchasing, shipping, or returning your bag.